Why Heat Pumps are great for Auckland

Auckland city in New Zealand has a wonderful climate. It never gets too cold, even in the winter. Because it is closer to the equator as it is at the top of the North Island (as opposed to, say, Christchurch or Dunedin that are in the south island) it stays nice and warm. On the other hand, being situated right next to the sea stops it from getting overly hot as the sea regulates the temperature. It addition, if you live in Auckland and want a Heat Pump, then you are in luck – the temperature is great for one.

Heat Pumps in Auckland

Why Heat Pumps require a moderated temperature

One of their ‘quirks’ is that they require a moderated outside temperature. That is why you don’t see many heat pumps in a city like New York. You’d think it would be perfect for them: but it isn’t. In the winter, it gets bitterly cold, well below freezing. While it can dip a bit below freezing, at a certain point it gets too much. The reason it matters, is because heat pumps take the air outside and either heats it or cools it based off what you set the unit to do. It then circulates it throughout the room (or house, if you have a ducted system). So if the temperature outside is too hot or too cold, then it won’t work – making Auckland perfect.

The benefits of it verses other systems

New York gets very cold, and the buildings require a lot of heating to stay warm. That was why I was surprised they didn’t have pumps, until I learned how they work. If they could use them, then their power bills would be significantly lower. This is because they are very energy efficient, and they use very little electricitiy compared to other systems. This makes them eco-friendly, which is great for environment. This is especially important in a country like New Zealand that prides itself on its clean-and-green image. It does cost a lot more up front compared to say, a fan heater, but over the years not only will the cost even out – but the comfort you will get from it will mean you won’t regret your investment.

Auckland heat pumps

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