The Best Restaurants in Auckland

Auckland may be famous for its wine and it’s lamb, but it’s restaurants should be equally lauded. Full of outstanding, high quality food that compares to anywhere else in the world, you have your pick when in Auckland, that’s for sure!

From high-end bank breakers that deliver food you will never forget to more rustic and local options, you can get just about any type of food you are after. You can get that real Pacific Rim style and flair from the food locations you try out – but if you struggling to decide, then here are some of the more popular choices out there.


One of the more high class restaurants, it is found in Parnell and is a huge hit with tourists. Quaint and decorated with a lot of mirrors, the courtyard outside adds for a fine view when you are enjoying some of the delectable European meals on offer.


Kazuya is a fantastic a la carte European restaurant, with a real strong Japanese influence to bring those who are looking for something a little more oriental. The décor is very striking and the food is as classy as the place looks – a real high-end restaurant that is worth going to if you like Asian style food.


A restaurant that has won awards for its quality, Clooney is located in Freeman’s Bay and has a pretty outstanding reputation, with good reason. A dynamic menu and a huge amount to choose from, the prices can be a little off-putting but it is one of the classiest restaurants you are likely to find in Auckland.

Food Court

Although not exactly a restaurant, the food court offers anything from Turkish to Chinese, you can get just about anything you are looking for. This is best served for a party of friends who cannot work out what they all want – so why compromise? Get whatever you all want from the food court!

Te Maroro

Te Maroro is an award-winning restaurant in Jet Park Hotel that has an amazing beef and lamb, which is very much local. The meats are better than any you will taste in Auckland, and they really stand out especially for the generous prices and lovely atmosphere. A true restaurant.

At all of these Auckland restaurants, you will find a host of quality foods and spices that make your life much easier! No longer will you need to amble about trying to find the best place to have a bite to eat, you have a great starting point here with the five restaurants above!

A huge quantity of restaurants offering different styles make up this great city, and you will love it!

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