Paleo-Friendly Sandwiches

As more and more of us become really aware of what we put in our bodies and try to make a conscious effort to change it, diets have become far more widespread and popular. The Paleo diet, however, is not a new fad that may help you lose massive amounts of weight because you eat nothing.

It is a throwback to the older years. The diet is designed to be based around what generations before us ate, from the Hunter-Gatherer era. These diets are truly fantastic as they help you enjoy nutritious and mixed meals, but you cut out anything which is processed or man-made.

This means that most people who try the Paleo Diet struggle with breakfast suggestions. Outside of meats, there is very little left to have in most people’s eyes. This, of course, is not true. You can have fruit, for a start!

An extremely popular recipe with the Paleo Diet, however, is a ‘Paleo Sandiwch’. Now, of course, you don’t use bread. Bread is man-made and therefore is off the list. Instead, you want to use sturdy food like lettuce or cabbage as your bread.

This may seem a little different at first, but add in your meat and veg as if you were making a roll and bacon or a similar meal, except use the lettuce as your bread! The taste is outstanding, the crunch of the lettuce sandwich really adds to your enjoyment of the meal.

Here is a truly spectacular idea that makes an outstanding meal, both thoroughly enjoyable and good for you! It stays well within the rules of the Paleo Diet, and is a very filling meal. You will need;

  • Four Portabello Caps
  • Two Slices of Tomato
  • ½ Cup of Fresh Spinach Leaves
  • One Boneless, Skinless Chicken Cutless (Cooked and Cut)
  • Two Slices Cooked Turkey Bacon
  • 3 Tablespoons Guacemole

(Credit: Multiply Delicious for recipe & instructions)

To start, scoop the gills and stem them gently from the underside of the mushroom. Next, you want to heat the coconut oil in a skillet, and cook the mushrooms on each side for about five minutes, until they are tender.

Remove the mushrooms and store them to the side. Pile on the ingredients on top of the mushroom, and place the other on top. Cut in half and enjoy!

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