Indian Restaurants in Auckland, NZ

Auckland, New Zealand is one of the biggest and most visited cities in the entire group of islands. Many of the local New Zealanders love the city for the vibrant feel and the authentic mixture of cultures that it brings. The important thing to consider about New Zealand is that it used to be part of the British Empire and therefore has a lot of commonalities with the other Commonwealth nations.

For one thing, Indian food is a huge staple for people in Auckland, New Zealand and there are a variety of restaurants with this in mind. Using the following article, you will be able to better identify a good restaurant for eating Indian food.

Locations of Indian Restaurants

Down by the water front, there are a few options for people that have a hankering for some Indian food. One of the main Indian restaurants in the downtown area is called Raviz Indian cousine, which seems to have fairly good reviews and is located on Hobson Street. This is a particularly tourist friendly restaurant as it is only a quick jump away from most of the tourist sites that are located downtown.

For people that want a little more selection and even some Persian fusion, the Saffron Indian Restaurant is located to the west of the city center. This restaurant is less well reviewed than Raviz, but it should entice those who are interested in a new type of cuisine that fits within the Indian profile.

A little further is Little India, which is located in Kingsland on New North Road. This is another fine Indian eating establishment, but it does not have the kind of reviews that some of the other locations have.

Best Rated Indian Restaurants

While location is often the determining factor for eating at restaurants, the quality can be an issue for some. The best Indian food in Auckland, New Zealand is located at India Gate, which is on Manukau Road near the Epsom region of Auckland. Furthermore, there are great ratings for Oh Calcutta, which is on Parnell Road as well.

These two are probably the two most well-renowned restaurants in Auckland for Indian cuisine and provide a selection of all the best dishes. For travelers who are visiting Auckland, New Zealand or just locals that want the best, these two locations are well known for their quality of service and authentic dishes.

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