Dates in Zodiac Calenders

For thousands of years, humans have been interested in finding more information about the celestial beings in order to define the world around us. The zodiac calenders are evidence that all of the different people, including the Babylonians and the Greeks, were immensely interested in getting relevant information about the universe around us.

Even though the zodiac calender was used to divide the sky and the way that an equinox impacts the world, there are modern interpretations that come with the specific dates. The following article discusses these dates and describes them in some detail.

Zodiac Signs and Names

There are a total of 12 different zodiac signs and these all have corresponding dates that are attributed to personalities and other issues. If you look at the length of the solar stay, it is usually around the length of a month, but it is not quite. This is because the people who set up these calenders were creating it based on calenders in Gregorian times rather than what we currently use.

Some of the solar stays are set according to the International Astrological Union, which dictates the length of time for modern calenders. Some of them are incredibly short, such as cancer which is only 20 days. Scorpio is often only 7 days long, but there are some that are as long as 45 days, such as Virgo.

In the middle, there are plenty of zones that seem to fit around a month. The Gemini is 31 days and the Sagittarius is 32 days while Capricorn is 28 days and Aries is 25. There are plenty of these that all come close to a month, but they are changed slightly and less organized than our western calenders would like them to be.

IAU and Zodiac Signs

The interesting thing about zodiac signs is that they often change depending on the tropical and sidereal side, which is why the International Astrological Union (IAU) as put some basic rules to help people understand it. In certain years, it is possible to have completely different dates for the two, which makes it difficult for people to compare.

Nonetheless, the dates set forth by our ancestors and the current IAU tinkering has made it possible to enjoy some relevant interest into the zodiac signs, their meanings, and the celestial bodies that are in your skies. Without the dates and understanding from our forefathers, we would not have the information that we have today.

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