Creative Ideas for Donuts

For years, the doughnut or donut has been one of the premium cakes out there in the market. Associated with a lot more than Homer Simpson, this is one of the old guard when it comes to pastries and is popular all across the world.

However, donut are not like other cakes – they are so customizable, there are literally hundreds of different styles and recipes out there. They can be bought from many locations – bakeries, supermarkets, fast food stores, restaurants, stalls – and are a true delight.

How do you take your donut?

Much like a tea or a coffee, we all have our own tastes when it comes to a donut. They tend to be either ring shaped or filled in the middle with some form of substance like cream, jam or custard. The toppings alone create a whole new variety of donut, and the different styles of icing used make it such an exciting thing to cook and eat.

If you are looking to get really creative with donuts, you should check out some of the ideas we have concocted through many hours spent trying to create the perfect donut;

Gluten Free

Many of us suffer from a gluten intolerance, and sadly donuts are full of gluten. Well, they usually are – some geniuses have come up with ways to make gluten free donuts! These excellent numbers mean that everybody can enjoy the glory of a donut, without the killer stomach pains later.

“Party Rings”

If you are a native of the United Kingdom, you may remember Party Rings which are iced biscuits which come in a variety of different icing flavors and designs. Why not make up some donuts just like party rings? Use thick icing and a different color of thinner icing on top to create swirly designs, mimicking the famous accomplice of a cup of tea.


A rainbownut is essentially a donut which is covered top to bottom in icing which is blended to the colors of the rainbow. Not only are they a little trippy to look at, the different icing flavors creates a simply decadent flavoring.

Donut Birthday Cake

One thing many people forget is that donuts can be in any size – so why not make one as a birthday cake? These are just as easy to make as any conventional cake, and you can get really creative with the filling or design on the icing! Create a massive donut cake for somebodies birthday and really give them a surprise!

Donuts can be a lot of fun if you mess around with them and ensure you get the right contents – remember, you want the actual donut to be nice and crispy, not soggy or chewy. Make sure you don’t put too much on as less is always more, especially with sugary treats.

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