Tips for taking good portrait photos in Auckland, New Zealand

Recently I went out to Auckland city, and I had a great time taking great portrait photos of me and my friends in the city. Auckland is absolutely stunning, and a great place to take photos. Part of what makes the city so interesting is that it so huge and sprawling. Instead of one CBD, you essentially have five. It takes literally hours to drive from one part of the city to the other, and the scenery is drastically different. You go from the buzzing life of Queens Street, to the sandy beaches of North Shore.

To help you do the very best portrait photography while in Auckland,  I’ve decided to write a blog posts giving you some Auckland-specific tips.

Tip 1: Take Advantage of Day Break and Hills 

The city is filled with hills. Even the CBD has a lot of slopes you have to climb. While this makes walking tiring, it almost means that it is easy to get great views of the city. So take advantage of this! Get up in the morning, and use the beautiful daybreak sunlight to take some stunning photos of you and your friends. Because of the hills, you don’t have to go out very far to get a nice shot.

Tip 2: Go outside of the CBD

Northshore is absolutely stunning. It has beautiful beaches, and some great gardens to go and take photos in. Queens Street and surrounding areas do have some fantastic architecture, and while these do make for interesting portraits, they aren’t all Auckland has to see. There is also my favourite coffee spot in the city there, The Barista, so be sure to stop in for a coffee or two while you look around.

Tip 3: Be prepared for the weather

One thing about Auckland is that the weather is incredibly unpredictable.  One minute, it will be beating down with sunshine. The next minute, it will be pouring down with rain. The humidity is also very high in the summer, making the rain even worse. It can often be cloudy as a result, so this is something to think about too.

When you go out to take photos, be patient. You need to work with the weather so that you have good lighting. The number one reason that beginners have terrible looking photos is that they don’t have good lighting (and pro tip: avoid taking photos at lunch time. The noon sun is not pleasent on the eyes – or your camera). If you need to, sit down, grab lunch and wait for good lighting to come back. It is worth it!

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