Paleo-Friendly Sandwiches

As more and more of us become really aware of what we put in our bodies and try to make a conscious effort to change it, diets have become far more widespread and popular. The Paleo diet, however, is not a new fad that may help you lose massive amounts of weight because you eat nothing.

It is a throwback to the older years. The diet is designed to be based around what generations before us ate, from the Hunter-Gatherer era. These diets are truly fantastic as they help you enjoy nutritious and mixed meals, but you cut out anything which is processed or man-made.

This means that most people who try the Paleo Diet struggle with breakfast suggestions. Outside of meats, there is very little left to have in most people’s eyes. This, of course, is not true. You can have fruit, for a start!

An extremely popular recipe with the Paleo Diet, however, is a ‘Paleo Sandiwch’. Now, of course, you don’t use bread. Bread is man-made and therefore is off the list. Instead, you want to use sturdy food like lettuce or cabbage as your bread.

This may seem a little different at first, but add in your meat and veg as if you were making a roll and bacon or a similar meal, except use the lettuce as your bread! The taste is outstanding, the crunch of the lettuce sandwich really adds to your enjoyment of the meal.

Here is a truly spectacular idea that makes an outstanding meal, both thoroughly enjoyable and good for you! It stays well within the rules of the Paleo Diet, and is a very filling meal. You will need;

  • Four Portabello Caps
  • Two Slices of Tomato
  • ½ Cup of Fresh Spinach Leaves
  • One Boneless, Skinless Chicken Cutless (Cooked and Cut)
  • Two Slices Cooked Turkey Bacon
  • 3 Tablespoons Guacemole

(Credit: Multiply Delicious for recipe & instructions)

To start, scoop the gills and stem them gently from the underside of the mushroom. Next, you want to heat the coconut oil in a skillet, and cook the mushrooms on each side for about five minutes, until they are tender.

Remove the mushrooms and store them to the side. Pile on the ingredients on top of the mushroom, and place the other on top. Cut in half and enjoy!

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The Best Restaurants in Auckland

Auckland may be famous for its wine and it’s lamb, but it’s restaurants should be equally lauded. Full of outstanding, high quality food that compares to anywhere else in the world, you have your pick when in Auckland, that’s for sure!

From high-end bank breakers that deliver food you will never forget to more rustic and local options, you can get just about any type of food you are after. You can get that real Pacific Rim style and flair from the food locations you try out – but if you struggling to decide, then here are some of the more popular choices out there.


One of the more high class restaurants, it is found in Parnell and is a huge hit with tourists. Quaint and decorated with a lot of mirrors, the courtyard outside adds for a fine view when you are enjoying some of the delectable European meals on offer.


Kazuya is a fantastic a la carte European restaurant, with a real strong Japanese influence to bring those who are looking for something a little more oriental. The décor is very striking and the food is as classy as the place looks – a real high-end restaurant that is worth going to if you like Asian style food.


A restaurant that has won awards for its quality, Clooney is located in Freeman’s Bay and has a pretty outstanding reputation, with good reason. A dynamic menu and a huge amount to choose from, the prices can be a little off-putting but it is one of the classiest restaurants you are likely to find in Auckland.

Food Court

Although not exactly a restaurant, the food court offers anything from Turkish to Chinese, you can get just about anything you are looking for. This is best served for a party of friends who cannot work out what they all want – so why compromise? Get whatever you all want from the food court!

Te Maroro

Te Maroro is an award-winning restaurant in Jet Park Hotel that has an amazing beef and lamb, which is very much local. The meats are better than any you will taste in Auckland, and they really stand out especially for the generous prices and lovely atmosphere. A true restaurant.

At all of these Auckland restaurants, you will find a host of quality foods and spices that make your life much easier! No longer will you need to amble about trying to find the best place to have a bite to eat, you have a great starting point here with the five restaurants above!

A huge quantity of restaurants offering different styles make up this great city, and you will love it!

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Creative Ideas for Donuts

For years, the doughnut or donut has been one of the premium cakes out there in the market. Associated with a lot more than Homer Simpson, this is one of the old guard when it comes to pastries and is popular all across the world.

However, donut are not like other cakes – they are so customizable, there are literally hundreds of different styles and recipes out there. They can be bought from many locations – bakeries, supermarkets, fast food stores, restaurants, stalls – and are a true delight.

How do you take your donut?

Much like a tea or a coffee, we all have our own tastes when it comes to a donut. They tend to be either ring shaped or filled in the middle with some form of substance like cream, jam or custard. The toppings alone create a whole new variety of donut, and the different styles of icing used make it such an exciting thing to cook and eat.

If you are looking to get really creative with donuts, you should check out some of the ideas we have concocted through many hours spent trying to create the perfect donut;

Gluten Free

Many of us suffer from a gluten intolerance, and sadly donuts are full of gluten. Well, they usually are – some geniuses have come up with ways to make gluten free donuts! These excellent numbers mean that everybody can enjoy the glory of a donut, without the killer stomach pains later.

“Party Rings”

If you are a native of the United Kingdom, you may remember Party Rings which are iced biscuits which come in a variety of different icing flavors and designs. Why not make up some donuts just like party rings? Use thick icing and a different color of thinner icing on top to create swirly designs, mimicking the famous accomplice of a cup of tea.


A rainbownut is essentially a donut which is covered top to bottom in icing which is blended to the colors of the rainbow. Not only are they a little trippy to look at, the different icing flavors creates a simply decadent flavoring.

Donut Birthday Cake

One thing many people forget is that donuts can be in any size – so why not make one as a birthday cake? These are just as easy to make as any conventional cake, and you can get really creative with the filling or design on the icing! Create a massive donut cake for somebodies birthday and really give them a surprise!

Donuts can be a lot of fun if you mess around with them and ensure you get the right contents – remember, you want the actual donut to be nice and crispy, not soggy or chewy. Make sure you don’t put too much on as less is always more, especially with sugary treats.

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Indian Restaurants in Auckland, NZ

Auckland, New Zealand is one of the biggest and most visited cities in the entire group of islands. Many of the local New Zealanders love the city for the vibrant feel and the authentic mixture of cultures that it brings. The important thing to consider about New Zealand is that it used to be part of the British Empire and therefore has a lot of commonalities with the other Commonwealth nations.

For one thing, Indian food is a huge staple for people in Auckland, New Zealand and there are a variety of restaurants with this in mind. Using the following article, you will be able to better identify a good restaurant for eating Indian food.

Locations of Indian Restaurants

Down by the water front, there are a few options for people that have a hankering for some Indian food. One of the main Indian restaurants in the downtown area is called Raviz Indian cousine, which seems to have fairly good reviews and is located on Hobson Street. This is a particularly tourist friendly restaurant as it is only a quick jump away from most of the tourist sites that are located downtown.

For people that want a little more selection and even some Persian fusion, the Saffron Indian Restaurant is located to the west of the city center. This restaurant is less well reviewed than Raviz, but it should entice those who are interested in a new type of cuisine that fits within the Indian profile.

A little further is Little India, which is located in Kingsland on New North Road. This is another fine Indian eating establishment, but it does not have the kind of reviews that some of the other locations have.

Best Rated Indian Restaurants

While location is often the determining factor for eating at restaurants, the quality can be an issue for some. The best Indian food in Auckland, New Zealand is located at India Gate, which is on Manukau Road near the Epsom region of Auckland. Furthermore, there are great ratings for Oh Calcutta, which is on Parnell Road as well.

These two are probably the two most well-renowned restaurants in Auckland for Indian cuisine and provide a selection of all the best dishes. For travelers who are visiting Auckland, New Zealand or just locals that want the best, these two locations are well known for their quality of service and authentic dishes.

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