Capricorn Zodiac Profile

For many years, astrology has held a certain sway within different cultures. The Zodiac in particular is one of the most fascinating parts of culture which is just about global. If you ask somebody what their astrological sign is, there is a good chance that they will know. Capricorn is one of the profiles that you can be born under, and it originates from the star constellation of Capricornus. They are very important to many people, and many people read their daily horoscope for Capricorn.

Spanning the 270th-300th degree of the Zodiac, it is ruled by the planet Saturn and is considered what is known as an “earth sign”. It is also recognized as one of the four cardinal signs, and holds a massive sway within the Zodiac circle.

The usage of Zodiacs goes back hundreds of years, possible more, and has a rich and storied culture spanning many different civilizations. Used by the Romans and the Babylonians to name but a few, Capricorn holds the traits of somebody who is well reasoned and loyal, extremely patient but thoroughly ambitious. It is seen as an extremely dependable person who is a Capricorn, and they can be very easy to turn to in times of trouble.

They tend to be the voice of reason in social circles, seen as the one who will most likely see both sides of the coin in any given situation. However, they can be seen as a little dictatorial – they like to be in command and feel put out when they are not. At the same time, they can be distrustful of others – fearful of misplacing that feeling  towards others.

Massively independent, a Capricorn is geared towards a career path of success and achievement. Always willing to take the right route to get that promotion, they can be extremely dedicated workers and are excellent at time management tasks. Fantastic organizers, their ambition makes them excellent leaders as they are very results driven personalities.

In their personal lives, a Capricorn is a very strong friend to have. They are happy to help, no matter the situation of possible implications. They stick by those they love, but can be a little hard to work out themselves. Full of intrigue, they always seem to have something to think about, even in moments of pure joy.

In their love lives, they tend to be the one who is in control so that they are never shown to be vulnerable or in a position where they could be dominated. Careful not to jump in too fast, they see life in a very black and white format and things can only be good or bad. Although they make excellent decisions most of the time, their lack of creativity in terms of trusting others and not being the dominator can hold them back at times.

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