Being Yourself and Dating

A lot of dating advice tells men to be themselves when it comes to interacting with females. In most cases, this sounds like a cliché. How is a lazy man with many bad attributes supposed to be himself and date the woman he would like? Despite how hard it may seem, the ability to be yourself and actually love yourself is what will really make it possible to attract the women that you want and improve your dating.

It isn’t so much that you are being yourself that makes you successful. Only when someone is themselves and truly loves themselves is it possible for dating to be an option. The following article is about how you can be yourself and actually love the weird quirks that you consider detrimental.

Why Love Yourself?

When you can actually love yourself for who you are, that is when other women will start to really recognize your strengths. There are a lot of different things that make a person interesting, but it is up to each one to really own their strengths and weaknesses and be happy about them. A person who is unable to love himself for various reasons makes it very difficult to get any kind of love from another. Self-consciousness, ego, and all of these other internal problems are mental barriers to an excellent dating life.

Loving yourself and all that it entails is great, but it is important not to get arrogant or overly confident. Some people make the mistake of getting over confident about their own abilities and this can be a huge problem. For the most part, it is a good idea for you to love yourself but not allow it to go too far. Be on your purpose in life and recognize that there are strengths and weaknesses in your character and work to improve them.

Dating and Your Personality

Most women or people in general are going to know if you are faking a personality. What women really want is the real you. Sometimes this can be obvious and sometimes it is a very subtle thing for them to detect, but be sure that they are going to know all about your inability to love yourself and be who you are. Over many thousands of years, humans have developed a keen eye for determining the dating and personality of others. It is important to consider your personality and how it can attract the types of dates that you are looking for.

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Dates in Zodiac Calenders

For thousands of years, humans have been interested in finding more information about the celestial beings in order to define the world around us. The zodiac calenders are evidence that all of the different people, including the Babylonians and the Greeks, were immensely interested in getting relevant information about the universe around us.

Even though the zodiac calender was used to divide the sky and the way that an equinox impacts the world, there are modern interpretations that come with the specific dates. The following article discusses these dates and describes them in some detail.

Zodiac Signs and Names

There are a total of 12 different zodiac signs and these all have corresponding dates that are attributed to personalities and other issues. If you look at the length of the solar stay, it is usually around the length of a month, but it is not quite. This is because the people who set up these calenders were creating it based on calenders in Gregorian times rather than what we currently use.

Some of the solar stays are set according to the International Astrological Union, which dictates the length of time for modern calenders. Some of them are incredibly short, such as cancer which is only 20 days. Scorpio is often only 7 days long, but there are some that are as long as 45 days, such as Virgo.

In the middle, there are plenty of zones that seem to fit around a month. The Gemini is 31 days and the Sagittarius is 32 days while Capricorn is 28 days and Aries is 25. There are plenty of these that all come close to a month, but they are changed slightly and less organized than our western calenders would like them to be.

IAU and Zodiac Signs

The interesting thing about zodiac signs is that they often change depending on the tropical and sidereal side, which is why the International Astrological Union (IAU) as put some basic rules to help people understand it. In certain years, it is possible to have completely different dates for the two, which makes it difficult for people to compare.

Nonetheless, the dates set forth by our ancestors and the current IAU tinkering has made it possible to enjoy some relevant interest into the zodiac signs, their meanings, and the celestial bodies that are in your skies. Without the dates and understanding from our forefathers, we would not have the information that we have today.

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Tips for taking good portrait photos in Auckland, New Zealand

Recently I went out to Auckland city, and I had a great time taking great portrait photos of me and my friends in the city. Auckland is absolutely stunning, and a great place to take photos. Part of what makes the city so interesting is that it so huge and sprawling. Instead of one CBD, you essentially have five. It takes literally hours to drive from one part of the city to the other, and the scenery is drastically different. You go from the buzzing life of Queens Street, to the sandy beaches of North Shore.

To help you do the very best portrait photography while in Auckland,  I’ve decided to write a blog posts giving you some Auckland-specific tips.

Tip 1: Take Advantage of Day Break and Hills 

The city is filled with hills. Even the CBD has a lot of slopes you have to climb. While this makes walking tiring, it almost means that it is easy to get great views of the city. So take advantage of this! Get up in the morning, and use the beautiful daybreak sunlight to take some stunning photos of you and your friends. Because of the hills, you don’t have to go out very far to get a nice shot.

Tip 2: Go outside of the CBD

Northshore is absolutely stunning. It has beautiful beaches, and some great gardens to go and take photos in. Queens Street and surrounding areas do have some fantastic architecture, and while these do make for interesting portraits, they aren’t all Auckland has to see. There is also my favourite coffee spot in the city there, The Barista, so be sure to stop in for a coffee or two while you look around.

Tip 3: Be prepared for the weather

One thing about Auckland is that the weather is incredibly unpredictable.  One minute, it will be beating down with sunshine. The next minute, it will be pouring down with rain. The humidity is also very high in the summer, making the rain even worse. It can often be cloudy as a result, so this is something to think about too.

When you go out to take photos, be patient. You need to work with the weather so that you have good lighting. The number one reason that beginners have terrible looking photos is that they don’t have good lighting (and pro tip: avoid taking photos at lunch time. The noon sun is not pleasent on the eyes – or your camera). If you need to, sit down, grab lunch and wait for good lighting to come back. It is worth it!

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Improving Happiness Through Food

A lot of couples have time to spend with one another during the week, which is only in between their other responsibilities. For many couples, the responsibilities of kids and work become so much that it is nearly impossible to spend a lot of time with each other. Happiness and a good marriage are based on many things, but one of the most important things is to get enough time together. Doing that through the dinner table can be a great way to improve the happiness in a marriage. The following article will cover how to make happiness more prevalent within your eating culture.

Eating as a Family

There is something about eating that brings a lot of people together and makes the experience a lot better. Even though people are not often all that excited with the prospect of doing it every day for the rest of their lives, it is important to recognize the benefit of having the happiness through the food and togetherness. Sometimes eating together can be a lot of fun because it encourages conversation even if it is a debate or argument. Getting the time with your partner to actually discuss things is critical for a good marriage.

You can discuss some of the feelings and problems that each person has and therefore have a better understanding of how to continue with the marriage. Eating is also just a fun thing to do that has been ingrained in human brains for many thousands of years.

Discussions and Face Time

Even if the discussions and time together do not prove to be the most joyous experiences of your day, there is a good chance that you can learn a lot about your marriage and the happiness level of both of the people within. It might not even be the fault of each individual, but instead it could just be the fact that work is difficult or children are hard to deal with. Either way, it is obvious in many cases that the marriage must have some changes, but it is only possible to know when discussing with each other one on one.

For the majority of people who do not have time to spend together, the end result can very easily be divorce. Instead, you can make sure that you get the time to discuss your feelings and hopefully work through your marriage.

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Wreckage in Christchurch, New Zealand

It may not seem very appealing, but one of the best places that you can actually go to see wreckage, carnage, and a beautiful city reborn is Christchurch, New Zealand. After an earthquake ripped apart the city, it had been almost completely destroyed. Now it is being rebuilt in a way that can really make your vacation a lot more interesting.

Visiting Christchurch or living in the city can provide a number of different opportunities related to the earthquake that most people will not immediately consider. As someone deeply interested in New Zealand and all it has to offer, I think you shouldn’t skip Christchurch on your next trip here. In this article, I will show you that the wreckage of the earthquake can be an interesting thing to visit especially now that the city is reborn.

Sites of Wreckage in Christchurch

There are plenty of emblematic locations in Christchurch, New Zealand that were destroyed during the earthquake that hit the city only a few years ago. Many of the largest and most well-known buildings have been hit hard and there are a wide variety of entities still in shambles. Many of the wrecked sites are fixed, however, which can show some insight into the resilience of the New Zealand people and their ability to rebuild.

Rebuilding New Zealand has become an integral part of the national identity after such a large earthquake hit such a small country. For people that really want to understand the culture of New Zealand in the modern day, seeing the wreckage and the sites that have been rebuilt is a huge way to do so.

Existing Wreckage and Survivors

There are a lot of survivors that you can speak to at just about any bar or restaurant in the city. Even if they were not in immediate danger, most of them remember getting into a position that nearly cost them their life. For those who want to discuss it, a lot of information can be learned by speaking to the survivors.

Also, looking at the existing wreckage of buildings that were never built can offer a lot of insight into the city and how it has grown as well. Sometimes buildings were not worthy enough of rebuilding and the destroyed foundations are a sign of the carnage that was wrought by this earthquake. It is also a reminder for the people of Christchurch and the visitors to the city to live every day as if another disaster could strike at any moment.

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Capricorn Zodiac Profile

For many years, astrology has held a certain sway within different cultures. The Zodiac in particular is one of the most fascinating parts of culture which is just about global. If you ask somebody what their astrological sign is, there is a good chance that they will know. Capricorn is one of the profiles that you can be born under, and it originates from the star constellation of Capricornus. They are very important to many people, and many people read their daily horoscope for Capricorn.

Spanning the 270th-300th degree of the Zodiac, it is ruled by the planet Saturn and is considered what is known as an “earth sign”. It is also recognized as one of the four cardinal signs, and holds a massive sway within the Zodiac circle.

The usage of Zodiacs goes back hundreds of years, possible more, and has a rich and storied culture spanning many different civilizations. Used by the Romans and the Babylonians to name but a few, Capricorn holds the traits of somebody who is well reasoned and loyal, extremely patient but thoroughly ambitious. It is seen as an extremely dependable person who is a Capricorn, and they can be very easy to turn to in times of trouble.

They tend to be the voice of reason in social circles, seen as the one who will most likely see both sides of the coin in any given situation. However, they can be seen as a little dictatorial – they like to be in command and feel put out when they are not. At the same time, they can be distrustful of others – fearful of misplacing that feeling  towards others.

Massively independent, a Capricorn is geared towards a career path of success and achievement. Always willing to take the right route to get that promotion, they can be extremely dedicated workers and are excellent at time management tasks. Fantastic organizers, their ambition makes them excellent leaders as they are very results driven personalities.

In their personal lives, a Capricorn is a very strong friend to have. They are happy to help, no matter the situation of possible implications. They stick by those they love, but can be a little hard to work out themselves. Full of intrigue, they always seem to have something to think about, even in moments of pure joy.

In their love lives, they tend to be the one who is in control so that they are never shown to be vulnerable or in a position where they could be dominated. Careful not to jump in too fast, they see life in a very black and white format and things can only be good or bad. Although they make excellent decisions most of the time, their lack of creativity in terms of trusting others and not being the dominator can hold them back at times.

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Most Prominent Reasons Why Marriages Fail

Marriage is a beautiful thing – a holy divinity between two people who love each other for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, the beautiful thing that was just described is rarely the haven that a married couple sign up for. They instead come into a series of long arguments and glass-shattering moments when they see personality traits that were never there before.

Marriage is supposed to be the final commitment, the ultimate. However, this commitment can be too much for some people whether they went too fast or just have too many differences. For many years, divorce percentages have been ridiculously high, and there are a lot of common inferences that seem to come up in the proceedings and the reasons why things are ending.

Having thoroughly researched the reasons why most marriages fail, we have compiled a list of the four most prominent reasons why any married couple tend to split up. If you are interested in being a good spouse, then be sure to avoid these pitfalls.

A Difference In Lives Priorities

This is an extremely common one which you hear, and which unfortunately could be so easily avoided. One of the first things you want to know about somebody is their plans for their future, for their life. Once married, finding out that these priorities differ greatly can be an extremely difficult thing to get to grips with.

This was seen as one of the key factors in divorce, as married couples were never after the same things in life.


Sadly, a lot of us cannot keep to the sanctity of marriage. It’s sad, because we do our best not to break any other contract we sign up for – so why is it so common for somebody to be with someone else when they are married?

This is probably a culmination of the other three facts, but most affairs happen because the spark has died within the marriage. What caused that spark to die is hard to find out, but must be for there to be any hope of saving a marriage.

Financial Issues

Sadly, in this modern world, love is trumped quite heavily by money. Loving somebody when you are young and care-free is easy, loving somebody when they sleep twice a week due to financial stress is a different matter. Financial issues are the cause of a huge amount of breakups, as the stress gets too much and rather than admit they messed up couples take it out on each other.

The best way to get around this, of course, is to realize that money worries can and will be fixed if you just give them time and work together. But financial issues are seen as one of the most common reasons why things end in tears.


Whether one wants children and the other doesn’t, the couple cannot have children, or they struggle to raise a child, children is one of the most common causes of divorce, too. Parents who are struggling in other aspects of their lives can sometimes see the child as part of the problem, leading to a difficult relationship between the parents themselves. Children can be seen as “ruining dreams” or “holding us back” and this can cause irreparable damage.

All of these cases are massively common, and to avoid them you need to be prepared to really look at yourself in the mirror. Looking and seeing that your problems are either not as bad as you once thought or that they are beatable is the first part, though – not divorce.

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Why do we read Horoscopes?

For years, the horoscope phenomenon has been raging. From those looking for astute guidance to looking for black and white answers, horoscopes take in a huge amount of different people. There are the true believers who bend the word of their local newspaper to their exact life scenario. Then, there are the nay-sayers who believe it is all a load of tripe. Somewhere in between, you have the vast majority of us!

However, many people with no belief or interest in horoscopes will still have a little look in the mornings. So why do we read horoscopes?

It’s Easy To Find

We all love a little bit of mystery and madness, and horoscopes can provide that in spades if you take the wording literally. With the amount of places you can find your horoscope today, it’s so easy to look up in a moment’s notice. It is quite a common office conversation, so you may find yourself wanting to check quite quickly.

Thankfully, with social media, websites, phone apps, and paper columns, you will never miss it again! It’s literally so easy to find, you will find yourself struggling to avoid it once you notice it.

To Give Them Answers

Life is extremely complex, is it not? We spend our whole lives looking for the answers to the big questions. Many people find that Horoscopes are giving us pointers in the way we should be living our lives or dealing with situations.

By using their horoscope as a rough guide, they can transmute the messages to relate to their own lives in no time at all. Before you know it, you have a full-on guide about who, what and where you should be doing with yourself!

To Find Luck

After a bad day, we are all looking for something to cheer us up and put us in the right direction again. With horoscopes, even the slightest relation to you problems or dilemmas will give you instant satisfaction. If you feel that you have something out there to give you a little bit of luck, to relate to you, then is that not worth reading?

Lots of people find luck or perceived luck in their zodiac signs. People who have gained new employment or dodged certain death with the vague writings of a horoscope are not the rarest stories in the world, that’s for sure!

Horoscopes have been around for many, many years and they promise to remain around in the long-term. So whether or not you believe in them and take them seriously, or you find them ludicrous, you can see why so many people turn to them for advice now!


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Creative First Date Ideas for People over 30

Trying to decide what to do on your first date with somebody can be a truly terrifying experience. Whether you think that you have a great idea or you are completely drawing a blank, it’s important to find a common ground between you both. When trying to come up with an idea for your first date, you need to make sure that you are choosing something she will enjoy, will want to take part in and also will find stimulating.

There is no point going on a first date if you choose something dull or uninteresting! You want to choose something fun and different that both of you can truly enjoy. However, to make sure that you aren’t choosing something that will never benefit your other half, go for something out of the box! And don’t worry, these tips work even if you’re a bit older. If you’ve ever wondered why dating is better after 30, it is because you have more money!

People will be happy to go on a date as long as it sounds a little bit ambitious, even if the idea is a little “out there” so why not go crazy? Obviously, going on a parachute jump or something could be a little risky for a first date, but there are plenty of options out there that could make your date far more enjoyable for both you and your partner.

Tasting Test

Going on a taster course is always a fun way to have a laugh! You get to experience new things while getting to know the other person. Choosing the right restaurant and type of food is important here, of course, as you don’t want to take them to somewhere that only sells food they are allergic to!

Share with each other and get opinions about what they like and what they don’t. this is a good way to bond, have fun, and try something new.

Engage the Community

An easy way to both come across as a genuine good guy, and also give back to your community a little, is to get out there have a really different type of date. Get out there and give back to the community – whether you both choose to help in the homeless shelter, or you get down and engage in some environmental aid, you will come across as not only caring but somebody who is willing to get their hands dirty to help other people out.

Shopping Bonanza

This is always a fun idea! Go to your local thrift or discount store, and give your date some money. Set a budget of $20-30 dollars each and see what you can both come back with for that price! Not only will you get a good laugh out of it, you will see what their potential style is like which could help for the future! And if you’re both over your thirties, you can always set a higher budget since you’ll both have stable jobs.

All of these ideas will have you both rolling around laughing, while ensuring that you both have a good time, which is the most important thing after all, right?

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Paleo-Friendly Sandwiches

As more and more of us become really aware of what we put in our bodies and try to make a conscious effort to change it, diets have become far more widespread and popular. The Paleo diet, however, is not a new fad that may help you lose massive amounts of weight because you eat nothing.

It is a throwback to the older years. The diet is designed to be based around what generations before us ate, from the Hunter-Gatherer era. These diets are truly fantastic as they help you enjoy nutritious and mixed meals, but you cut out anything which is processed or man-made.

This means that most people who try the Paleo Diet struggle with breakfast suggestions. Outside of meats, there is very little left to have in most people’s eyes. This, of course, is not true. You can have fruit, for a start!

An extremely popular recipe with the Paleo Diet, however, is a ‘Paleo Sandiwch’. Now, of course, you don’t use bread. Bread is man-made and therefore is off the list. Instead, you want to use sturdy food like lettuce or cabbage as your bread.

This may seem a little different at first, but add in your meat and veg as if you were making a roll and bacon or a similar meal, except use the lettuce as your bread! The taste is outstanding, the crunch of the lettuce sandwich really adds to your enjoyment of the meal.

Here is a truly spectacular idea that makes an outstanding meal, both thoroughly enjoyable and good for you! It stays well within the rules of the Paleo Diet, and is a very filling meal. You will need;

  • Four Portabello Caps
  • Two Slices of Tomato
  • ½ Cup of Fresh Spinach Leaves
  • One Boneless, Skinless Chicken Cutless (Cooked and Cut)
  • Two Slices Cooked Turkey Bacon
  • 3 Tablespoons Guacemole

(Credit: Multiply Delicious for recipe & instructions)

To start, scoop the gills and stem them gently from the underside of the mushroom. Next, you want to heat the coconut oil in a skillet, and cook the mushrooms on each side for about five minutes, until they are tender.

Remove the mushrooms and store them to the side. Pile on the ingredients on top of the mushroom, and place the other on top. Cut in half and enjoy!

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Why Heat Pumps are great for Auckland

Auckland city in New Zealand has a wonderful climate. It never gets too cold, even in the winter. Because it is closer to the equator as it is at the top of the North Island (as opposed to, say, Christchurch or Dunedin that are in the south island) it stays nice and warm. On the other hand, being situated right next to the sea stops it from getting overly hot as the sea regulates the temperature. It addition, if you live in Auckland and want a Heat Pump, then you are in luck – the temperature is great for one.

Heat Pumps in Auckland

Why Heat Pumps require a moderated temperature

One of their ‘quirks’ is that they require a moderated outside temperature. That is why you don’t see many heat pumps in a city like New York. You’d think it would be perfect for them: but it isn’t. In the winter, it gets bitterly cold, well below freezing. While it can dip a bit below freezing, at a certain point it gets too much. The reason it matters, is because heat pumps take the air outside and either heats it or cools it based off what you set the unit to do. It then circulates it throughout the room (or house, if you have a ducted system). So if the temperature outside is too hot or too cold, then it won’t work – making Auckland perfect.

The benefits of it verses other systems

New York gets very cold, and the buildings require a lot of heating to stay warm. That was why I was surprised they didn’t have pumps, until I learned how they work. If they could use them, then their power bills would be significantly lower. This is because they are very energy efficient, and they use very little electricitiy compared to other systems. This makes them eco-friendly, which is great for environment. This is especially important in a country like New Zealand that prides itself on its clean-and-green image. It does cost a lot more up front compared to say, a fan heater, but over the years not only will the cost even out – but the comfort you will get from it will mean you won’t regret your investment.

Auckland heat pumps

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The Best Restaurants in Auckland

Auckland may be famous for its wine and it’s lamb, but it’s restaurants should be equally lauded. Full of outstanding, high quality food that compares to anywhere else in the world, you have your pick when in Auckland, that’s for sure!

From high-end bank breakers that deliver food you will never forget to more rustic and local options, you can get just about any type of food you are after. You can get that real Pacific Rim style and flair from the food locations you try out – but if you struggling to decide, then here are some of the more popular choices out there.


One of the more high class restaurants, it is found in Parnell and is a huge hit with tourists. Quaint and decorated with a lot of mirrors, the courtyard outside adds for a fine view when you are enjoying some of the delectable European meals on offer.


Kazuya is a fantastic a la carte European restaurant, with a real strong Japanese influence to bring those who are looking for something a little more oriental. The décor is very striking and the food is as classy as the place looks – a real high-end restaurant that is worth going to if you like Asian style food.


A restaurant that has won awards for its quality, Clooney is located in Freeman’s Bay and has a pretty outstanding reputation, with good reason. A dynamic menu and a huge amount to choose from, the prices can be a little off-putting but it is one of the classiest restaurants you are likely to find in Auckland.

Food Court

Although not exactly a restaurant, the food court offers anything from Turkish to Chinese, you can get just about anything you are looking for. This is best served for a party of friends who cannot work out what they all want – so why compromise? Get whatever you all want from the food court!

Te Maroro

Te Maroro is an award-winning restaurant in Jet Park Hotel that has an amazing beef and lamb, which is very much local. The meats are better than any you will taste in Auckland, and they really stand out especially for the generous prices and lovely atmosphere. A true restaurant.

At all of these Auckland restaurants, you will find a host of quality foods and spices that make your life much easier! No longer will you need to amble about trying to find the best place to have a bite to eat, you have a great starting point here with the five restaurants above!

A huge quantity of restaurants offering different styles make up this great city, and you will love it!

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Creative Ideas for Donuts

For years, the doughnut or donut has been one of the premium cakes out there in the market. Associated with a lot more than Homer Simpson, this is one of the old guard when it comes to pastries and is popular all across the world.

However, donut are not like other cakes – they are so customizable, there are literally hundreds of different styles and recipes out there. They can be bought from many locations – bakeries, supermarkets, fast food stores, restaurants, stalls – and are a true delight.

How do you take your donut?

Much like a tea or a coffee, we all have our own tastes when it comes to a donut. They tend to be either ring shaped or filled in the middle with some form of substance like cream, jam or custard. The toppings alone create a whole new variety of donut, and the different styles of icing used make it such an exciting thing to cook and eat.

If you are looking to get really creative with donuts, you should check out some of the ideas we have concocted through many hours spent trying to create the perfect donut;

Gluten Free

Many of us suffer from a gluten intolerance, and sadly donuts are full of gluten. Well, they usually are – some geniuses have come up with ways to make gluten free donuts! These excellent numbers mean that everybody can enjoy the glory of a donut, without the killer stomach pains later.

“Party Rings”

If you are a native of the United Kingdom, you may remember Party Rings which are iced biscuits which come in a variety of different icing flavors and designs. Why not make up some donuts just like party rings? Use thick icing and a different color of thinner icing on top to create swirly designs, mimicking the famous accomplice of a cup of tea.


A rainbownut is essentially a donut which is covered top to bottom in icing which is blended to the colors of the rainbow. Not only are they a little trippy to look at, the different icing flavors creates a simply decadent flavoring.

Donut Birthday Cake

One thing many people forget is that donuts can be in any size – so why not make one as a birthday cake? These are just as easy to make as any conventional cake, and you can get really creative with the filling or design on the icing! Create a massive donut cake for somebodies birthday and really give them a surprise!

Donuts can be a lot of fun if you mess around with them and ensure you get the right contents – remember, you want the actual donut to be nice and crispy, not soggy or chewy. Make sure you don’t put too much on as less is always more, especially with sugary treats.

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Tips for travelling around New Zealand

Getting around New Zealand is both hard and easy. It is hard, because the roads are not well made and there are a lot of hills in the way. On the other hand it is easy, because everything is so close together. New Zealand is very strange, and it is one of the only places in the world where you can literally see a volcano, the beach and a snowy mountain in a single day. The thing about New Zealand is that while everything is close together, it takes twice the time as it would in other countries to get to it. Our small population means we haven’t had the money to invest in massive travel infrastructure (such as high ways and freeways) so as a consequence, it takes longer.

Firstly, while travelling, I highly suggest that you stick to the main routes and bring a map with you. If you have a GPS that is great, but you should always have a map just in case something happens. A lot of people get lost, because they go off the main highways and end up in some remote field. There is a lot of rural areas in New Zealand and it is very easy to get lost in them. I don’t care if your Uncle Joe swears that there is a shortcut – don’t listen to him. Stick to the main routes.

Secondly, be aware of your petrol. There are long stretches in New Zealand where there are no petrol stations available for over an hour. If you enter one of these stretches low on petrol, then you could very well get stuck. Be sure to stay topped up. You need to stay on top of this yourself, because the areas where there are no petrol stations or self-serve gas pumps are not signposted, and there are no signs warning you of this. The best advice I can give you is to try and never go below a quarter of a tank of gas while outside of a city: otherwise you could regret it.

As long as you abide by these tips, and drive safely (so wear your seatbelt, don’t drive while sleep and things like this) you should be absolutely fine.

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Reasons why I love cooking

It is true: I absolutely love cooking. I am not sure what it is, but when I am in the kitchen, I suddenly feel at home. So I decided to spread the love and write a blog post on why I like it – and perhaps it will inspire some of you non-foodies out there to break out the aprons and give it a go too!

Reason #1: Everyone loves food

I think that one of the reasons that I first fell in-love with cooking was that food is the universal love language. No matter who you are, you need food to live. It trascends cultures and language barriers: everyone, anywhere, eats. And everyone loves nice tasting food, so we all flock to it.

Nothing makes me feel better, than inviting my girlfriends around for a girly afternoon tea. I’ll make them some healthy cupcakes, and some organic-chocolate dipped strawberries. We’ll laugh, giggle, share stories and just enjoy food. And I have a lot of fond memories of Christmas evenings around the table with family enjoying a delicious, hearty meal. Food brings people together because everyone loves it.

Reason #2: It makes me feel like a rockstar

This is a lead-on from reason #1. Everyone loves food – and in-turn, they love the bearer of delicious food. If you can make tasty recipes and dishes, then people think that you are awesome. This works especially well when you are hanging out with people that don’t know how to cook – they look at you like an absolute genius!

Everyone has their own way of showing appreciation. My dad for instance is a handyman. If my house needs something fixed, a quick phone call to him will have him over in a flash to fix it for me. And in-turn, if a friend is having a bad day, I gave invite them over for dinner and make their day: and that makes me feel really good.

Reason #3: It is actually really easy

OK, so some people say they can’t cook. But you know what? I don’t believe them. Cooking is EASY. Cooking delicious, tasty dishes is EASY. Why? There is this thing called recipes. It is fool-proof. If you follow a recipe, then you will inevitably make a nice dish.

It makes it a terribly easy way to make someones day with a freshly made cake. It also makes it a terribly easy way to make a good impression on a date: invite them over and cook them a meal, and they will be extremely impressed, as though you just cured cancer. No! All you did is follow a recipe.

Why do you love cooking? Sound off in the comments!

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Indian Restaurants in Auckland, NZ

Auckland, New Zealand is one of the biggest and most visited cities in the entire group of islands. Many of the local New Zealanders love the city for the vibrant feel and the authentic mixture of cultures that it brings. The important thing to consider about New Zealand is that it used to be part of the British Empire and therefore has a lot of commonalities with the other Commonwealth nations.

For one thing, Indian food is a huge staple for people in Auckland, New Zealand and there are a variety of restaurants with this in mind. Using the following article, you will be able to better identify a good restaurant for eating Indian food.

Locations of Indian Restaurants

Down by the water front, there are a few options for people that have a hankering for some Indian food. One of the main Indian restaurants in the downtown area is called Raviz Indian cousine, which seems to have fairly good reviews and is located on Hobson Street. This is a particularly tourist friendly restaurant as it is only a quick jump away from most of the tourist sites that are located downtown.

For people that want a little more selection and even some Persian fusion, the Saffron Indian Restaurant is located to the west of the city center. This restaurant is less well reviewed than Raviz, but it should entice those who are interested in a new type of cuisine that fits within the Indian profile.

A little further is Little India, which is located in Kingsland on New North Road. This is another fine Indian eating establishment, but it does not have the kind of reviews that some of the other locations have.

Best Rated Indian Restaurants

While location is often the determining factor for eating at restaurants, the quality can be an issue for some. The best Indian food in Auckland, New Zealand is located at India Gate, which is on Manukau Road near the Epsom region of Auckland. Furthermore, there are great ratings for Oh Calcutta, which is on Parnell Road as well.

These two are probably the two most well-renowned restaurants in Auckland for Indian cuisine and provide a selection of all the best dishes. For travelers who are visiting Auckland, New Zealand or just locals that want the best, these two locations are well known for their quality of service and authentic dishes.

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Planets, Stars and Zodiac Signs

Our ancient forefathers had little technology and instead had a lot of time to debate the skies and wonder about our universe. The planets, stars, and other objects in the sky were profound for our ancestors and the zodiac signs incorporated these views within. The the western astrological canon, each of the signs is ruled by a single planet. This is actually why the different planets are named in the way that they are. The following article helps to understand which planets fit with which symbols and why the addition was made by our western ancestors.

Planets and Zodiac Signs

The planets are strictly defined in the western astrological sense. These are the seven that are considered to be orbiting in a fixed pattern. The ancient peoples through that the sun and moon were “lights” and not planets. However, there were others that were called wandering stars (rather than fixed stars). This distinction was only found after years of observation and viewing the skies on a constant basis. It was not long before the coordinate system using 30 degrees cut into 12 sections was comprised with some elements of the planets involved.

For the zodiac signs, there are traditionally some planets that correspond. For example, Aries is Mars, Taurus (Venus), Gemini (Mercury), Virgo (also Mercury), Libra (Venus), Scorpio (Mars), Sagittarius (Jupiter), Capricorn (Saturn), Aquarius (Saturn again), Pisces (Jupiter). Of course there are also Cancer, which is the moon and Leo, which is the sun.

There are some variations as people have discovered Neptune and Uranus, but the typical debate is a modern one rather than something our forefathers would have dealt with. The different planets, the moon, and the sun are all incorporated into the zodiac signs in a way that we better understand today.

Zodiac Signs Today

While the forefathers loved to divide the zodiac signs to fit with the planets, our modern relatives are more eager to find how zodiac signs correlate to personalities at birth. The calendar was always an important part of the zodiac signs and astrological study, however it has changed quite a bit over the past few hundred years. There was a time when the signs and coordinate system were the ultimate method for practical things, but they are largely no longer needed in the same capacity. For this reason, the zodiac signs have died out compared to their past use.

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Christchurch rebuild: storage and EQC

EQC Storage IssuesEveryone knows that I love Christchurch. It is the third biggest city in the south island of New Zealand. It used to be the second biggest; but then it was slammed by an earthquake in September of 2010: and this changed everything. Buildings have collapsed; and as a result, there is now a huge need in Christchurch for storage after the earthquakes.

To understand why, look at what happened in the Christchurch CBD. About two thirds (if not more) of their buildings were demolished. But they were mostly commercial buildings; now lets look at residential buildings. In suburbs like Linwood and Ferrymead, they suffered immense earthquake damage, particularly after the February 2011 earthquakes which caused a lot more liquefaction in the eastern suburbs. People had to abandon their contents – and as a result, they had to abandon their items.

buildings in chch

But one area that the earthquake commission (EQC) has failed in is covering the costs for containers for residents storing their household items. They do cover some of the cost for this, but it isn’t enough a lot of the time. I have heard of too many people struggling because they have only been given enough money to cover 6 months for their units, and after that they can no longer afford to rent them; but they have no choice, because they have no where else to store them (or worse, they are paying both a mortgage AND rent, because their EQC money does not accurately cover them).

It is things like this that make me think that EQC has dropped the ball one too many times. Gerry Brownly talks as though he has the cities best interests at heart; but does he really? Looking forward to this upcoming election, the residents of Christchurch have a huge choice to make. It seems scary to take on a whole new government and political party and just choose Labour though, given how volitile the situation is. I’ll be watching and waiting with baited breath on election night.

Christchurch residents need storage

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